In my efforts to complete my portfolio and present at least 4 UI/UX design projects, I made a hypothetical “Dating Wrapped” feature using Bumble’s interface and branding. Check out the full work on my website:

What if Bumble did a Spotify wrapped feature compiling your dating patterns and activities throughout the years?

As a designer and an avid Haruki Murakami reader, I pride myself on obsessing with not only the stories within his novels but also with the covers of each book I’ve ever gotten. They said to never judge a book by its cover but clearly those people just simply want…

Design and writing by Charmaine Esmeralda

At the end of November, I randomly reached out to Boss Women Collective via Instagram asking about their design, and the next thing you know, I was on a phone call with Riana Singh applying to be their graphic designer for their social media. Back then, I was working on…

Charmaine Esmeralda


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